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Mi Piace!

When the experience and the passion for travelling and organizing events arises, the result just could be the discovery of unique places, events in surreal locations and feelings that touch the essence of our clients.

Always in contact with a network tuned in culture, history, eno-gastronomy and entertainment, Mi Piace! knows what the destinations and locations have to offer  with the vision of a local inhabitant.

In all our events we reflect the personality of the (s) protagonist (s), creating an atmosphere that inspires unexpected moments and create big emotions.

An ancient castle, a typical restaurant frequented just by locals, a paradisiacal beach, a location that you never imagined visit and celebrate … Discover and LIVE privileges that just a few know.

With over 15 years of experience in organizing events and tours, Mi Piace! makes a difference when you need to personalize your travel itinerary or event.